YouTube By the Numbers – Pharma Channels and Rankings

Recently I wrote about the fact that I didn’t think that overall the pharma sector was doing a very good job on the YouTube front.  YouTube is a tough medium.  Like a blog, it takes upkeep and one has to be creative.  It may be that many companies just don’t see the benefit.  However, there are now over 36 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute of the day.  So, somebody somewhere is seeing the value….

In any case, I thought as year end approaches to look back and see where members of the industry are vis a vis one another.  By my count there were 21 channels currently being run by 14 companies (some have multiple channels).  Some allow commentary, others do not.  Interestingly, even among some companies with multiple channels, that policy varies.

It will come to no surprise to the most casual observer that Johnson & Johnson, always a leader in communicating via social media channels, has left others far behind when it comes to YouTube.  There have been nearly 3,000,000 upload views of its material, which is not only more than any other channel by far – if you combined all of the other pharma channel upload views, you wouldn’t get near them.  In fact, Johnson & Johnson has gotten nearly as many as the CDC.  The same is the case for the number of subscribers.

Some of the channels haven’t had any new video added in quite a while and a few have not been updated in over a year – meaning that they are pretty much dormant.

Included in the chart below are the CDC and the FDA channels.  Started within a few months of one another, the CDC has more subscribers more views and more uploads than FDA.  In addition, CDC allows commentary while FDA takes the social out of social media, and does not.

YouTube Pharma Rankings December 2010

YouTube Pharma Rankings December 2010

Qualitatively speaking, there is a LOT of room for improvement in this medium by all pharma stakeholders, and until that occurs, one would not expect that these numbers will change to anything too impressive.

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