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Weekly Roundup – 2/25/11

I can scarcely believe that the first two months of the year are over.  Time is rushing by. Layer on top of that how quickly the world has changed in just the last 8 weeks.  What will the next 8 … Continue reading

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House Energy and Commerce to Re-Open Heparin Contamination Issue After House Votes to Cut FDA Funding

The U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee announced today that it was re-opening examination of the heparin contamination issue.  A letter was sent by the Chair of the Committee, Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) as well as other members to … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown? What Would it Mean?

Everyone is abuzz about what it would mean if there was a government shut down due to the current budget impasse caused by passage of cuts to the current fiscal year expenditures by the U.S. House of Representatives.  For the … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup 2/18/11

Inside the Beltway this week, as with much of the country, there was a tremendous thaw and we saw temperatures in the 70s.  I saw my first daffodils sticking their little green necks above ground.  But Washington is fickle.  When … Continue reading

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Proposed Health Care, FDA and Pharma-Related Legislation Out of the 112th Congress

Before the re-design of the blog, off to the right I had a lengthy list of proposed legislation in the 111th Congress with links to the actual legislation.  This includes laws aimed at health care access, at the FDA itself, … Continue reading

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