TWANK REDUX – Bigger and Better

Where do you stand in your Twitter Ranking?

In early January, I ran a posting that was quite popular that provided pharmaceutical twitter rankings – or TWANK as I called it.  The list included every pharma twitter feed of which I was aware, with the number of followers, number it was following, number of lists upon which the feed was included and the number of tweets.  Combined, these elements show how social a feed is – how many is it following and how many tweets has it sent out – as well as an indication of its popularity – number of followers.  In addition, the list provided the KLOUT score.

The sources I used to gather the list came from Jonathan Richman’s Dose of Digital Pharma Social Media Wiki as well as additional sites about which I had become aware.  Since that time, I discovered a new lucrative source as well with Dominic Tyer’s list provided at InPharm.  His list included many from the Dose of Digital Pharma Social Media Wiki as well as many new ones, but did not include some of the ones from my list of January.  I have cross-referenced the sources and have now combined them all into what I hope is the most complete and up-to-date pharma twitter list.  It is provided for you here in Twank Excel 2-14-11.  On this spreadsheet, you will find hotlinks to each of the pharma Twitter feeds.

Here are a few observations:

  • There were 114 pharma-twitter feeds being run by 35 companies;
  • Bayer and Roche had about 14 feeds, with Pfizer at 12
  • Highest KLOUT scores were:
  1. AstraZenecaUS (54);
  2. Pfizer News (53);
  3. Roche (52)
  4. JNJComm (51) tied with Pfizer Mexico (51)

Highest number of followers:

  1. Pfizer News (12,232)
  2. Novartis (9946)
  3. Roche (7977)
  4. GSKUS (6597)
  5. Boehringer (5936)

From this group, I have two Twitter lists running:

  1. Pharma Jobs – There are about 6 feeds just tweeting pharma jobs.  I have combined them into one Pharma Job Twitter list so that if you are looking for a job, you could follow this feed and just see all the jobs that are being tweeted.
  2. All Pharma Tweets – Here on the Pharma Company Twitter List one can see only those tweets sent on one of the 114 or so pharma twitter feeds.

There is even more diversity apparent than in the earlier TWANK posting among the twitter feeds.  There are six jobs feeds, several device-specific feeds, corporate feeds, language feeds, feeds on philanthropy and many disease or condition-specific feeds.

There was some commentary following the last TWANK posting about the role of KLOUT.  The KLOUT site outlines its approach to assessing the score that is given, encompassing 35 variables.  Many ranking services have come and gone, however I am open to suggestion for the inclusion of others.  I will say this, KLOUT scores do fluctuate a great deal over time.

The hotlinks below were lost when the file was converted from Excel for inclusion here, but are live in the Excel document linked above.

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