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Weekly Roundup 7-29-11

Goodness.  The year is over half over and we are about to slip into a steamy August.  The weather here in Washington, D.C. relented this week, with lower humidity and pleasant temperatures, but the frosted glass this morning indicates a … Continue reading

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Guidance on Social Media – But Not the One You Think….

Last week the bookstore Borders announced that it would be liquidating its remaining stores.  On the PBS News Hour, Jeffrey Brown spoke with Slate’s Annie Lowry about the giant chain went from having huge box bookstores to the end of … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup 7-22-11

Egg + Sidewalk = Breakfast! There is a huge mass of hot air here in Washington, D.C., and that isn’t even speaking of the weather.  But if you throw that in, it is really, really hot.  The petunias look wilted … Continue reading

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FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Medical Apps

The glacier has moved. Today the FDA announced that it was issuing a Draft Guidance on the Oversight of Medical Applications and seeking public input into the draft.  For the most part, the guidance is involved with distinguishing what is … Continue reading

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Financial Crisis = Public Health Crisis – FDA Funding

The mandate for protecting the public’s health at FDA has expanded dramatically, especially last year when the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was passed and signed into law, giving the FDA new authorities to inspect and initiate recalls of food … Continue reading

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