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Weekly Roundup – 7/15/11

I had hoped to have some good stuff posted for you this week, but between a bout of something nasty combined with travel, it didn’t happen.  Oh well, it is summer and things (like the nation’s well-being as overseen by … Continue reading

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To Have and to Have Not – Is there an Emerging Digital Literati Divide in Medicine?

I was reminded as I tried to set up my new scale complete with WiFi that will feed into my iPad my weight, body mass index and with accompanying blood pressure cuff – my blood pressure.  The app in the … Continue reading

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While Media Goes Even More Social, DDMAC Still is Not – Enter Video Calling….

Remembering back to childhood, many will recall that visions of the future included flying cars (still waiting…), personal jetpacks (still waiting) and video calling (it’s here!).  Video calling has been around for a while, thanks to Skype.  And the new … Continue reading

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Upward Mobililty

Early last month, in the wake of the Apple announcement of changes coming to iOS-5, I wrote a posting about how the future might be impacted by cloud computing, increased access to Twitter and considerations around the mobile access to … Continue reading

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Checking in on Pharma and YouTube

Generally speaking, the use of YouTube by the pharmaceutical industry has not been reflective of industry’s best communications work.  The medium of video has so much potential and yet it remains largely been untapped.  (See Eye on FDA “What Would … Continue reading

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