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A Pharma Social Media Overview

Is your stocking hung?  I put mine up just yesterday.  If your’s still has some room in it, I have a little something for you. In the giving spirit of the holidays, I am providing a small resource that I … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup 12-16-11

Two weeks before the year’s end – gifts are not yet bought much less wrapped.  Cards not addressed because they likewise have not been purchased.  Desperation and panic are tugging at my consciousness.  And so let’s round up stuff from … Continue reading

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Clinical Trials and Social Media – Part 1 in an Intermittent Series

Last week Brian Reid wrote an excellent piece on the Common Sense blog entitled “The 5 Consequences of the Lack of FDA Social Media Guidance“.  He got off to a great start, but I actually think there are many more … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 12-9-11

The last of the leaves are being picked up.  The trees are nearly bare.  The Thanksgiving leftovers are long gone and there are the cards to address and send and the shopping to be done and the next set of … Continue reading

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HHS Secretary Directs FDA Decision on Plan B

Plan B oral contraceptive (levonorgestrel 1.5mg), commonly known as the “morning after” pill, has been available for women over 17 for several years without a prescription.  The eventual granting of non-prescription status followed a long and somewhat tortured regulatory pathway … Continue reading

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