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Twitter Has Changed the News – What it Means for Pharma

Today Mashable carried a posting that quoted Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, as postulating that the election of 2012 would be the “Twitter Election“.  Even people who do not participate in Twitter will likely have seen articles regarding trends in … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 1/27/12

It is the mildest winter I can remember.  Today was slated to reach 60 degrees in Washington, D.C.  No preparation of hot comfort foods, no roaring fires, no ice skating parties, no snow ball fights.  DC has moved further south, … Continue reading

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Patience Patients – Are e-Patients Waiting for e-Docs?

Every so often when I have giving a talk on social media I ask the audience how many of them are on Facebook.   Usually nearly everyone in the audience raises a hand.  Then I ask how many of them … Continue reading

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Clinical Trials and Search

You are sitting in the doctor’s office on that crinkly paper that pops every time you move. Your physician is leaning against a table and has just uttered some words that were a diagnosis.  It is a serious diagnosis.  For … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 1/13/12

It has been a rather slow week for much interesting news – and so a twist to the Weekly Roundup this week. From time to time, I look to see what is going on with pharma and FDA in the … Continue reading

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