FDA to Examine Inhaled Caffeine

The Associated Press reported this weekend that FDA officials have expressed intent to investigate the marketing of an inhaled caffeine product.   The product, called AeroShot, is described as a fine powder that is in a lip-stick type of tube package and that delivers 100mg of caffeine along with Vitamin B that dissolves when inhaled and is being marketed as a dietary supplement. FDA wants to examine whether or not the product is fit for that category and safe for use.

It is an interesting development from a number of angles.  The you with an energy boost that the website says is equivalent to a cup of coffee without the calories and without filling you up.  You put the caffeine in your mouth where it is dissolved, but it is billed as “breathable energy”.

That differentiates it from an energy drink, or from coffee itself, which might be filling and might have calories.

It will be interesting to watch FDA approach this new category of “breathable foods” – how is it different from an energy drink, if at all, when it is being administered via a powder on the tongue?  The entire examination may end up raising more questions than in having more answers.

Stay tuned and let’s discuss soon over a cup of coffee!

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