Pharma Jobs on Twitter

It goes without saying that as Twitter develops as a platform, the uses of it increasingly vary.  In fact, Twitter allows not only for a breadth of uses – from journalistic to scientific – but a depth as well (despite being only 140 characters) by allowing very specific audiences access to very targeted information.

A highly regulated industry like the medical products industry is often perceived as highly inhibited when it comes to social media. While it is true that such industries have to take care in their use of all communications in general, and social media in particular, there is nevertheless an increasing use of these platforms by the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device sectors – collectively herein referred to as “pharma”.

Pharma has put Twitter to use on many fronts.  One is jobs and recruitment, both within the U.S. and outside of the U.S.  There are now at least 21 pharma-sponsored Twitter feeds set up, some with more activity than others.

The scale is impressive.  By my count, there have been nearly 27,000 tweets sent out by pharmas about available jobs.  Some companies, such as Roche, have tweeted a lot of jobs, while others are relatively quiet even though they come from big companies, indicating that they have not fully committed.  Still other companies have multiple feeds regarding jobs and some have feeds for U.S. specific jobs and some specific to other countries.

And there is interest in these feeds.  There are nearly 19,000 followers who are following those feeds – though of course that does not likely represent 19,000 different people.

After all, I follow them all.  In fact, as many are aware, on the Eye on FDA Twitter feed there is a list so that for those interested – you can subscribe to the list and see only pharma jobs being tweeted by all the pharmas, including one from NIH.

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