FDA, Twitter and Influence

Twitter has become an important medium in journalism.  It allows reporters to report on much more granular information to a much more targeted audience.  Likewise, it allows for any institution or individual or brand to do so as well.  While the numbers of users do not match up with Facebook, Twitter is much more likely to be enriched with reporter interactions, while Facebook may be more important in seeking interaction with the every day public.

With the great migration onto social media platforms, there is always an interest in measuring impact, reach and influence.  Among bloggers, that can be particularly elusive, but in Twitter, there are a few handy tools.  One, used often here, has been KLOUT.  Back in 2011, Eye on FDA ran a posting comparing the different KLOUT scores of the various FDA twitter feeds.  KLOUT recently revamped the way it calculates one’s KLOUT score, but it uses multiple variables that cast a wide net out to mentions on other social network platforms.  KLOUT ranks based on a scale of 1-100. The Eye on FDA KLOUT score Pokies is 53.  Barack Obama is 99.

Another measurement tool is KRED.  While KLOUT gives you a score, KRED provides you with two scores that are based on points you rack up over time – points that are acquired because of actions you take and those taken regarding you.  The two scores are Influence – which numbers 1-1000 and Outreach Level – the highest that has been reached is 12, but this is based over time and so can continue to rise.  The KRED dashboard you get is very visual and is a lot of feedback.  The Eye on FDA KRED score is 741 Influence, Outreach Level 6.

While in 2011, I posted the FDA’s various twitter feeds and their KLOUT scores, what follows is FDA’s feeds and their KRED scores.   Note that since the 2011, FDA has added a feed called FDAenEspanol!

And remember, if you are interested in just seeing what FDA’s feeds are tweeting in one spot, the Eye on FDA twitter feed has an FDA list where you can see all of the combined FDA twitter feeds a twittering.

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  1. Hi, this is Shawn from Kred. Thank you for featuring Kred in your post.

    Another thing you may enjoy for Kred is that we give community scores in addition to global scores. In other words, each of these FDA’s accounts’ influence will naturally vary among groups connected by what they have in common, like CEOs, Reporters, Dog Owners or what have you. We determine membership and influence in each of these by keywords, connections and words used in bios.

    Feel free to call on me in future if there are other analytics we could provide.


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