Election Impact – The New Class

Around elections, I have usually tried to provide some insight into where candidates stood on health care related issues, particularly affecting the development and marketing of medical products.  I wasn’t able to do that through this election cycle, but now that the dust has settled, new members to Congress elected and sworn in, it is a good time to assess where we are.

Fortunately, friends over at care issues including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), medical innovation, children’s health, and Medicare among other issues.  It is a concise yet comprehensive overview of the new members and their positions.

One can quickly see that this new class offers more diversity and breaks new ground in many ways.  Ironically, despite that increased diversity, it is also reported in the media that the prospects for this Congress be able to overcome some of the partisan obstacles of the past is not likely.  THE FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK is a resource that helps you decide for yourself, as well as to get a lay of the land with respect to issues that are of importance to you.

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