Proposed Legislation in the 113th Congress

During the course of the 112th Congress, there was a good deal of legislation introduced that, if passed, would impact either the pharmaceutical industry or FDA itself.  Much of that legislation did not pass but some of it has found a new home in the ranks of proposed legislation in the 113th Congress – and some of it is looking strikingly similar.

Below is a partial listing of proposed bills that would affect either the way FDA or industry does business.  Some of the bills focus on issues of abuse of opioids, increased access to prescription drugs, costs or even the marketing of drugs (with a proposal to cut the business deduction for DTC).

As new bills affecting FDA or industry are introduced, they will be included on this list which is housed on a tab entitled “Proposed Federal Legislation – 113th Congress” located on the main Eye on FDA landing page.  (Also on the tab are some resources to help you track current proposed legislation and research past efforts.)



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