Webinar on FDA Communications Oversight in a Digital Era

Many may recall that in early April, I released a paper I did here on Eye on FDA called “FDA Communications Oversight in a Digital Era” that examined the patterns of enforcement by FDA’s Office of Prescription Drug Promotion as expressed through warning and untitled letters during the years 2008-2012 assessing what differences may exist between traditional communications vehicles and digital properties.

The paper is based on a data base that I have compiled that characterizes warning and untitled letters from 2004 onward.  The years 2008-2012 were chosen to reflect a period of time when there was an increasing use of the Internet by people seeking healthcare information and by the ascendancy of social media platforms.


Well, not quite a movie.  On Tuesday, May 21 at 12 P.M. Easter Time, I will be conducting a Webinar that overviews the findings from the White Paper and will provide some expanded comparisons of digital and social media, as well as a few other observations from the data base.  The Webinar is free and if you would like to register, you can do so here.

The data base allows a vast number of analyses having tracked multiple fields of characteristics including whether a communications vehicle was digital, what type of label the product had (boxed warning or not), the type of violations, the treatment area for the product involved and many more.

I hope you will join me on May 21.

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