Further Information on the Shutdown and CMS/HHS/FDA

While not a news breaking blog, when interesting and timely information comes my way – it is for the sharing.  This from my colleague Kip Piper of The Piper Report.

This is, of course, in the event that the Congress fails to pass a continuing resolution in time to become law for October 1, there are some specifics – via Kip – regarding how CMS and FDA might be affected.  There are functions that have been deemed essential functions that will continue – and still others that have separate funding that will not be affected.  From Kip:

  • Sixty-five percent of CMS will be placed on unpaid leave which comes to 3,881 of 5,994 staff.
  • Federal Medicaid and CHIP funding continues due to an advance appropriation received.  Medicaid and CHIP are mandatory programs with annual appropriations whereas Medicare does not have such an appropriation);
  • Medicare will continue largely without interruption if the shutdown remains in the short term – a longer term shut down could impact operations;
  • Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation grant programs are not affected;
  • Forty-fuive percent of FDA staff will be on furlough;
  • Most FDA drug and device related functions will continue since they are largely funds through fees;
  • Critical consumer protection functions will be continued on a select, priority basis with examples being public health emergencies, high risk recalls, import entry review and civil and criminal investigations;
  • Most FDA activities on food safety, nutrition and cosmetics stop, including routine inspections and monitoring
  • And large portions of the Affordable Care Act will continue.

Thanks Kip!

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