Weekly Roundup 9-6-13

Always so sad to part with my seersuckers, the linens and the white bucks rounding them up and putting them in the barn for their long slumber until Memorial Day of 2014.  Where did the time go?  To console me, however, came the news that a friend near Seattle had a cow give birth to a new fancy Jersey heifer who was given the name Markie, after your’s truly.  You can bet that Markie, pictured above, is going to be seen often here in The Weekly Roundup.

Despite the fact that it was “back to school” week, it was still kind of slow-going.  In fact, there is very little activity to report on.  Everyone is easing back into the regular work schedule rather than rushing which would include everyone in our little corner of the world.  Here are a few noteworthy things:

  • Brief Update to Yesterday’s Posting – Naturally after I posted yesterday about pharma use of Pinterest, I located a few more pharma sponsored boards – 4 actually, bringing my grand total up to 43 from 39.  One of the most interesting uses involved posting pictures that depicted the history of the company.  Very interesting and creative.
  • FDA’s CFSAN Outlines Upcoming Priorities – The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition outlined their six policy goals for the coming 2013-2014 year – (1) reducing foodborne illness rates and cosmetic injury rates each year; (2) establish regulations/policies/guidances and inspection and compliance strategies based on the best science, prevention and public health risk; (3) increase compliance with newly creative preventive control standards; (4) improve public health indicators through better nutrition and dietary choices; (5) develop and deploy the fastest most effective methods for identifying, containing and eliminating food and cosmetic hazards; (6) achieve optimal use of staff and resources.  The details and agenda for each of these goals can be found here.
  • More About Something That Hasn’t Happened – The Office of Prescription Drug Promotion (OPDP) has not posted a regulatory action letter since one dated July 31.  August may have been a violation-free month (as was January).  There have been a total of 13 letters issued so far this year.  By this time last year, the office had sent 20 letters out and in 2011 they had sent out 22 letters by this time.
  • 3rd Medical Communications and Information Summit – CBI, an Advanstar company, will be holding its 3rd meeting of this name in San Francisco on September 19 and 20.  I will be giving a talk on the regulatory enforcement by FDA regarding digital communications.  Come by and let’s have a chat!  You can check out the agenda and brochure here.

That’s it for me and Markie this week.  I hope you all eased back into your routine painlessly this week and that you enjoy the weekend.

(Photo credit of Markie to Anne Hainsworth)

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