Weekly Roundup – 10-4-13

What’s to round up during a week when there is a government shut-down and most FDA staff are off?  Well, not much, but I will go over a little and provide some thoughts about next week.

But first, remember a few weeks ago when I told you that a friend had named a newborn calf after me?  It was, and still is, quite exciting.  Here is my latest photo of Marky and as you can see, she is now sporting an earring proudly letting the world know her name.  I have the feeling Marky will be featured regularly in the Weekly Roundup!

The Federal Register carries daily updates on what federal agencies are doing – every meeting, etc.  It is usually notoriously long.  Now it is notoriously short.  No FDA mentions are contained in the Advance Federal Register and a notice on the landing page for the publication states that it will only be publishing notices related to activities that are necessary to protect against imminent threats to life or property.

There were no press releases, but there were some tweets from FDA this week.  You can follow the tweets of the agency on the Twitter List created on the Eye on FDA twitter feed, if you like that tracks all FDA twitter feeds and their tweets in one spot.

There is no way to know how long the shut down will last.  However, next week I will put up a few postings on the latest regarding the Med App Guidance and the warning letter summary, slim though it was, for the third quarter.  In the coming days, I will also post some insights from my pharma social media data base, as well as the warning letter data base.  So while FDA is furloughed, we will endeavor.

Photo of Marky by Anne Becker

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