Upcoming AdComms by Subject Matter

The Advisory Committee calendar put up by FDA is very useful, but lists the upcoming meetings chronologically by date and by their named committee.  I thought it might be helpful every so often to provide an overview of upcoming AdComm meetings by topic instead so that one can readily discern where there is likely to be news.  So here is my first effort, notable perhaps for the fact that there is little action related to new drug approval.





  • New Indication for Test – The Microbiology Devices Panel will meet to discuss the premarket approval application for a new indication as a first line primary cervical screening test for the cobas Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Test, sponsored by Roche Molecular Systems, on March 12.


  • Flu Strains – The Vaccines and Related Biological Products Committee will meet to hear an overview of a research program in the Laborary of Respiratory Viral Diseases, CBER and then will discuss and make recommendations on the selection of strains to be included in the flu virus vaccine for the 2014-2015 season on February 28.


  • PreMarket Application for new lens Meeting of Ophthalmic Devises Panel to discuss application from Starr Surgical Company for Visian Toric Implantable Collamer Lens (TICL) for new lens for the treatment of addressing myopic astigmatism in adults 21-45, February 14.



  • PreMarket Application for new deviceMeeting of the Anesthesiology and Respiratory Therapy Devices Panel to consider application for Inspire Medical Systems’ Inspire II Upper Airway Stimulator to be a permanently implanted device to treat moderate to severe sleep apnea in patients not effectively being managed with continuous positive airway pressure devices, February 20.

In addition  to this, I have begun a data base on Advisory Committees held since 2009 that will profile a number of characteristics, including outcomes.  More on that later.

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