Freshman Healthbook

We have just been through an election cycle and the 113th Congress is in lame duck session. We are about to move on to the new Congress in January 2015.  Who did America elect and what is their position on key health care issues?  Who among them are poised to be the next health care leaders in Congress?

There is the obvious political side of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act which is inevitably going to resurface, but there are also perennial issues at play as well – medical innovation, children’s health, mental health, Medicare, reproductive rights and veterans’ health.  The makeup of the new member of the new Congress will be poised to perhaps sway things one way or another in the 114th.

Fortunately, colleagues at a sister agency – TogoRun – here in Washington have put together an overview of incoming members from a healthcare point of view.  It is available for you to download here.  The guide is informative and easy to use – assessing how the new members affect the Congress in the aggregate and also to see one individually close up assessing their health care specific background and positions.  You can look at their background and their history associated with disease-specific issues as well as their professional associations in health care.

I would like to say I wrote this resource, but instead I am relegated to be an advocate for it. Check it out.

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