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New Media and Pharma – An Intermittent Series

Sorry there was not Weekly Roundup on Friday.  A bus caught fire in my neighborhood and knocked out my Internet access.   Go figure.  Today’s posting is part of a series I’ve begun based on my belief that pharmaceutical companies are … Continue reading

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New Media and YOU

TIME Magazine has come out with it’s Person of the Year.  It is You.  Not just You, but the use of the Internet.  The magazine, a print magazine, is signaling that there has been a shift in the way we … Continue reading

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The FDA and You Tube? Use of New Media in Pharma!

Something slipped by me a few weeks ago.  When the FDA gave the thumbs up for silicone breast implants on November 17, the press release was also accompanied by a video link.  Is the FDA readying itself to enter the … Continue reading

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Canadian DTC in the US

Yesterday, I heard something I never heard before.  While listening to my commercial radio station as I was driving into work, I heard an advertisement for, not one drug, but any prescription drug.  The commercial was for home delivery of … Continue reading

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Doing More in Defense of DTC Advertising

I think Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) ads are great.  I do believe that they educate consumers and allow for greater choice and understanding.  My legs aren’t restless, though I’m sure for those who have restless legs, it is a relief to know … Continue reading

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