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Perspective on Pharma Support for Patient Advocacy Organizations

Last week Kaiser Health News (KHN) released a database called “Pre$cription for Power” that tracked pharmaceutical company donations made to patient advocacy groups, with an extensive accompanying article.  The database is an important collection of information and serves to enhance transparency … Continue reading

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Now What? Post-Election and FDA

We are finally post-election.  The sense of relief that one can watch or listen to broadcast television or radio without seeing campaign ads is still being felt nationwide.  Facebook sidebars are free of political jabber and de-friending over politics has … Continue reading

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Will Less Funding for FDA Result in Less Enforcement?

From time to time on this blog, I have raised the question about whether the growth trajectory of the FDA is sustainable.  Already overseeing the regulation of over one-quarter of the economy, within the past few years, the mandate of … Continue reading

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Growing Role of Social Media Among Policymakers

It is perhaps hard to believe that only four years ago, the following sentence would have made no sense to anyone at all.  “I follow you on Twitter.”  Many of us, though not all of us, would have been bewildered … Continue reading

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Anti-Incumbency Fever and the FDA’s Future

Last night came and went, bringing with it what anyone who watches politics pretty much expected. The country is in a mood of "out with the old, in with the new".  It is Spring and the electorate is cleaning (the) … Continue reading

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