A New Resource on Warning Letters

J0386036_1As part of my quarterly review of Warning Letters, I will provide an summary overview of all the DDMAC Warning Letters issued.  The purpose is to provide a "look back" for those responsible for communications that can be a useful tool in helping avoid future actions. 

The chart shows you

  • the date
  • the company
  • the product
  • the vehicle (sales aid, press release, etc.)
  • the stated reasons for the letter

In this way, over time, for those of you involved in marketing, you can see whether or not you are contemplating language or an activity that has in the past triggered a letter from DDMAC.

Not covered in this resource are Warning Letters issued because of current Good Manufacturing Practice violations, or any other type of warning. 

The summary overview is located in the column to the left under Resources by Me and will be next updated the first week of July.

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