Pharma Regulatory Blog in Europe; Trends at Home

J0409338 For those of you seeking an international perspective, I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to a blog developed by another lawyer, Richard Best called PharmaBlawg – Pharmaceutical Regulatory Issues on Common Law and European Countries.  According to his bio, he is qualified in England & Wales and New Zealand and he is experienced in several legal areas that touch on the interests of pharmaceutical development.  He assesses developments in multiple jurisdictions.  Unfortunately, his postings are infrequent, but he also has links to other Euro-resources.

For those of you who haven’t visited Google Trends yet, click here to do so.  It is an amazing tool that allows you to plug in a term and see the latest trend in coverage of the term over time, and the geographies where the topic is hot.  (For a related posting on this, visit Ed Vawter’s Blog QDIS on Pharma and Google Trends.)  Type in the name of your company and instantly see the coverage.   Especially interesting among Ed Vawter’s searches were the charts showing Plan B track – good one, Ed. 

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