Weekly Roundup – 6/23/06

J0262312_1 I’m afraid the herd is quite thinned this week.  In my mind, the big news of the week was from the Hill – the Kennedy/Enzi legislation which I posted about yesterday.  There was not a lot going on at the FDA. 

  • Families USA Study on Drug Prices and Medicare Part D – A study released this week by Families USA states that drug prices have risen since the advent of Medicare Part D.  This serves as a double blow – one to the image of the industry at a time when reform movements are afoot and – two to the beleaguered image of the prescription drug benefit for seniors, on which the jury is still out, but which has also had a rocky start.
  • FDA Issues Guide on Allergens in the Food Supply – While this doesn’t sound particularly headline grabbing, it is an interesting topic.  Judge for yourself if it does the job by clicking here.
  • FDA Still Doesn’t Post Janet Woodcock’s Testimony – For all the talk of promoting transparency, the agency still has not posted this testimony.  Looks like those of us who are interested are going to have to file a FOIA to get it.  I will be doing so this week and will keep you posted on the progress.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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