Weekly Roundup – 8-25-06

J0403681_1Well partners, I’ve been rushing all morning trying to get out today’s Weekly Roundup and it has just been one of those days.  Here I’ve been talking about how slow Washington is, but it seems like things in my office are just a stampede.  While the rest of the world vacations, I’m involved in a stampede…

In addition to yesterday’s excellent news on Plan B, there were other developments this week – a lot of it related to efforts to encourage competition that would keep tighter control on health care costs. 

  • FDA Proposes New Rule on Electronic Drug Registration – A new FDA proposed rule on electronic drug registration was proposed yesterday by the agency.  There have been reports of inadequacy in the current system and the agency has responded by proposing changes that would allow it increased control, and though not a cure for all problems, will aim to address many of the current gaps. 
  • Healthcare Driving the Economy?  – The New York Times reports that while healthcare expenditures now take up 16% of the GDP of the U.S., by 2030 a University of Chicago professor predicts that rising to 25%, especially with boomers getting old. 
  • Prescription Drug Price Comparisons in New Jersey – The state of New Jersey is creating a Web site that will allow residents to shop and compare the price of drugs by zip code under new legislation signed into law this week.
  • Transparency Executive Order – In what some may regard as an ironic move, President Bush signed an executive order requiring more transparency regarding issues of quality and price, requiring four federal agencies to gather and share such information.  The idea is to create information that will allow for better informed decisions and options in healthcare. 
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