More on the FDA and Video

J0390587Let’s back up a minute.  Rewind to Monday’s posting.

Did you know that the FDA produces a monthly video news show on patient safety?  I didn’t.  It is called FDA Patient Safety News

The show allows you to either watch on-line or download and according to MedWatch, "covers significant new product approvals, recalls and safety alerts, as well as tips for protecting patients."

A list of topics includes:

The fact that it offers video on approvals is quite in sync with what I was stating on Monday.  When the FDA used to issue Talk Papers, manufacturers were always hot to have one issued regarding an approval, because it was thought to signal that the FDA attached greater importance to the approval if it were a Talk Paper rather than a Press Release (this was more about perception than reality, by the way).  But providing B-Roll and video for FDA use around an approval might be a good way to make use of this tool, provided that the FDA is willing to work with drug sponsors to post video.  It is more food for thought. 

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