Interesting Article on Pharma and Social Media

Heads up on an article in CQ Politics called "Anti-Viral Markting" by CQ columnist Mark Stencel.  

"…pharma’s growing interest in online also relates to the distinctly stringent way direct-to-consumer marketing messages for prescription drugs are regulated, especially on U.S. television. With Congress expected to consider even more restrictions, creative Internet advertising looks more appealing than ever — and poses challenges for the Food and Drug Administration, which already struggles with its responsibility to monitor the marketing of prescription medicines in all media."

The article also cites J&J as a leader in developing digital marketing for pharma.  Check it out.
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  1. Daniel Ghinn says:

    The Internet allows pharmaceuticals to get closer to patients than they ever did offline. Naturally that forces them to ask new questions about what they are allowed to say and how to handle what consumers say.
    Of course there are fears over adverse events reporting or negative conversations about their brands, but the bottom line is, if drug companies themselves don’t interact with patients online, somebody else will. In fact, somebody else probably already is – if not a competitor then any number of personal blogs or patient forums.
    It will be far better for drug companies who host the conversation than those who merely observe it from afar – or worse still, those who miss it alltogether.
    More at

  2. RM 2.0 , the FDA, and J&J: The Big Kids Want to Play

    We have been putting a great deal of thought into the next phase of relationship marketing for pharma. Note: watch for a white paper, coming to a website near you. Anyway, according to a post by Eye on FDA, quoting…

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