Sanofi Pasteur Puts Up YouTube Channel

In August, another pharmaceutical company began the YouTube adventure.  Sanofi Pasteur has a channel called SanofiPasteurTV.   The company joins GSKVision, AbbottChannel, and JNJHealth.  

The Sanofi Pasteur channel only has 4 subscribers, which is probably a result of a lack of publication about the effort.  A Web News Release accompanying the channel launch is really recommended folks.  Also, it is important for the sponsors of channels to "friend" other channels, such as J&J has done on their channel.

The channel does not allow comments to be gathered on videos, but unlike GSKVision, it does allow embedding of videos and so here is an example of the corporate video which they have put up and which is offered in Spanish, Chinese and French, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Hungarian, Portuguese as well as English.

The company has uploaded a total of 14 videos.  In addition to the corporate vid, they have posted videos on their work in vaccination.  The channel is not subdivided into playlists, but that will perhaps develop in time as it very much appears that, having established the channel, like the other pharmaceutical companies that have established a YouTube presence, they have yet to decide how to best use it.  

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