Weekly Roundup – 1/8/10

We are eight days into the New Year.  I don't know about you, but I'm not seeing much different that I like.  Getting back into the grind of things though.  Healthcare reform is behind us.  Now we face the reform of healthcare reform. 

In the meantime, I did notice one change and one that I thought was interesting.  On the FDA YouTube channel, the agency posted a slew of videos that present key experts within the agency talking on specific topics.  I think this was interesting enough to merit the entire Weekly Roundup.

Whether or not people flock to these videos remains to be seen, and it might not have been a bad idea for the agency to issue a release around the video launch, or at least a Web News Release.  (Maybe they did, I actually haven't checked.)  But the goal of the videos I think is great because many of us prefer to get information visually than by merely reading a Web site or paper, or by listening.  The visual component also takes faceless bureaucrats and makes them into real people.  And, perhaps most importantly, the videos provide some insight into the FDA's thinking on a range of topics – something that rarely comes out of the agency.  Let's hope they keep this up.

The series is called "FDA Basics" and the topics of the vids posted so far are:

  • Dietary Supplements – Vasillos H. Frankos, Ph.D.
  • Personalized Medicine and New Diagnostic Tools – Alberto Gutierrez, Ph.D.
  • Development, Testing and Monitoring of New Drugs – John Jenkins, M.D.
  • Office of Women's Health – Kathleen Uhl, M.D.
  • Vaccines – Norman Baylor, Ph.D.
  • Helping People Get the Help They Need – Tracey Toigo,  RPh, MBA
  • Human-Animal Bond and Public Health – Tracey Forfa, J.D.

Check out the ones that interest you.  I've put a few here.  For the rest, check out the FDA YouTube channel.  Nice effort FDA.

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  1. ValerieGD says:

    they could announce it over Twitter which would amplify the signal! but well done for taking this step

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