Building the Case for Product Reimbursement – A Conversation with Kip Piper

Since I have been working in healthcare public affairs, there has been a tremendous shift in the way that communications teams need to think about supporting products in the market place.  It occurs to me that earlier and earlier in the life cycle of a medical product, it is important to begin building communications strategies that support the product before it ever gets before an advisory committee for consideration.

Access to a new treatment depends on a good reimbursement structure for its use.  So today, I am talking with Kip Piper about the factors that go into reimbursement decisions.  We talk about general considerations as well as who influences who in today’s environment.  He even gives his thoughts on the current situation with the Medicare Part D proposed legislation that would require the federal government to negotiate drug prices under the plan.

KipKip Piper is the author of The Piper Report, an excellent resource for insights on all types of reimbursement issues in healthcare.  Kip is a a former White House budget officer, a former state medicaid director and was a senior advisor to CMS on the implementation of Medicare Part D. 

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