Finding Chemo…Does Drinking Water Need a Black Box Warning?

J0407499Two alarming stories out yesterday from the Associated Press that are noteworthy. 

The first is that the Associated Press reported on their own study of the drinking water of 50 American cities and the news was not pleasant to hear.  It would appear from the report that drinking water in many places should be called pharma water.  Trace elements of a wide array of pharmaceutical drugs were found in the drinking water, including anti-depressants, birth control (made of hormones), anti-anxiety medications and the like.  The number of people drinking this water is estimated at 41,000,000 people.

The findings were widespread across the United States, from California to New Jersey.  The amounts of product found were trace, however, even while trace, it is unknown what long-term exposure could mean in trace amounts on humans.  Even more, it is far more unknown what effect it has on wildlife, particularly fish and more particularly, fish we eat. 

J0433157That brings us to the other Associated Press story of yesterday.  Fish are not feeling so hot.  They AP reports impaired reproductive functions, including a trading or mixing up of sex organs.  Instead of Finding Nemo, they are Finding Chemo!

Up until now, the federal government does not require testing of water – but look for that to change.  The report has already prompted Congressional action (or rather technically reaction) in the form of upcoming hearings.  which you can expect will expose even more widely the little attention that has been paid to this long-simmering issue. 

The FDA, by the way, is only in charge of bottled water.  They might want to start testing because you can bet it won’t be long before Congress asks them what they’ve done in that regard. 

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