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When it All Goes Bad – Crisis Communications During Tough Times

We all have a bad time of it some of the time.  Sometimes a confluence of events just throws us off our game.  It isn’t just one bad piece of news, it is one after another and your very character … Continue reading

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I Lived in Hollywood for 10 Years!

It’s true. (I hated it) And yet I have apparently committed the ultimate shame!  I have misquoted a classic film or at least mis-attributed the quote.  I have been informed by numerous emails that it was NOT Paul Newman who … Continue reading

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Get Help on Communications!

"What we have here is a failure to communicate."  These words were spoken by Paul Newman in the classic film – Cool Hand Luke.  Well, he’s no Paul Newman, but the words perhaps apply to the FDA Commissioner.  Yesterday the … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 04/25/08

The pollen is so thick, not even the Hot Air from Capitol Hill can blow it away.  My black car is perpetually yellow-coated.  Everywhere you look, blooming this and blooming that.  Even my contact lenses have a film on them!  … Continue reading

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Congress, Safety, Heparin and Hearing on the Hill

Reuters video regarding yesterday’s hearing:

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