I Lived in Hollywood for 10 Years!

J0407226 It’s true. (I hated it)

And yet I have apparently committed the ultimate shame!  I have misquoted a classic film or at least mis-attributed the quote. 

I have been informed by numerous emails that it was NOT Paul Newman who uttered that famous line, but Strother Martin – which actually was a bit in my recollection of the film, but I went with a crummy internet search I did. 

Boy, you guys, I don’t hear this much from you about FDA stuff, but get a quote wrong, and EVERYONE emails me! 

We should all get together for an Oscar party!

No posting today because I was at a meeting all day long in Maryland.

I stand corrected, though you have to admit, it was a Cool post!

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  1. David says:

    Both said “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” Paul Newman, as Luke, made the quote at the end of the movie, just before he was shot,… I think to just get on the nerve of the warden who made the quote earlier in the movie. The warden made the quote mid-story, at a scene where he was trying to teach Newman a lesson.

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