FDA Posts New Education Vids on Safety Alerts

The FDA posted two new vids to its YouTube account.  Much more than in the past, these are very timely, having only been issued this week and the vids are up.  Good job FDA! 

The first involves the fact that the agency is studying the issue of possible increased heart attack risk with two HIV medications, Ziagen, made by GSK and Videx, by BMS, stressing that this is only preliminary information and that there is no evidence linking use of the drugs to heart attacks.  The manufacturers have found no link in their extensive data bases.  But the use of YouTube to educate patients, as mentioned previously, is a tact that pharma may want to take up, particularly as DTC reforms loom ahead:

The other vid posted, also from July, is about the potential harm from the dosing of Cerebyx:

It is rare to see a government agency move ahead of industry in embracing and utilizing communications, but in this case, that is what is happening. Wake up pharma.

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