Weekly Roundup – 02/05/10

 All of Washington is braced for the onslaught of a snow storm that the weather service has termed "paralyzing" – obviously unaware of the fact that Congress is in a state of paralysis most of the time.  Here is a little bit of what happened in the more active parts:

  • Health Sensei Names Top 50 Health IT BlogsA very nice listing with links to 50 Health IT blogs.  Check it out.  
  • FDA MedWatch Updates TysabriMedwatch issued an update regarding risk of PML and Tysrabi to state that the risk increases with the number of infusions.  
  • Webinar on Social Media and Public Relations, Public Affairs – I will be giving a Webinar next week that advises on aproaches to using social media in the every day practice of communications – will be covering the basics and addressing some strategic frameworks.  If you are interested you can sign up.
  • FDA Budget Request – The agency submitted a request for a whopping $4 billion for FY 2011.  The requests seeks increases for four initiatives – $318.3 million for food safety; $100.8 million for patient protection; $25.0 million for advancing regulatory science and $215 for tobacco regulation.  

That's it for me this week.  If you are someplace where it is not snowing in biblical proportions, stay there.  If you are here, stay warm and good luck!  

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