Weekly Roundup – 6/1/12

June has bust out.  All over.

It was a quiet week in many respects, perhaps because it was a short one in the U.S. due to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday – a week which many end up taking off.  Traffic congestion eases.  We breathe a sigh of relief that summer has kind of begun, triggered by our childhood memories of school being out until Labor Day.  So liberating.

And here is a bit of what happened during this short week:

  • FDA Warns of Counterfeit Adderall – The agency on FDA’s drug shortage list.  The agency release provides information that will assist consumers in assessing pills to determine whether the could be counterfeit as well as steps for reporting same.
  • PDUFA Legislation Moves Last week the Senate approved the FDA legislation that would continue to authorize FDA to collect user fees in support of product approval and this week the House followed suit by an overwhelming margin (387-5 vote).  A nice overview is provided here where some of the differences between the two versions are discussed, having to do, coincidentally enough, with counterfeit drugs, among other things.

That’s a short Weekly Roundup for a short week.  Some good stuff in the pipeline for next week though.  See you then!  Have a good weekend.

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