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Are Canadian Drugs Safe?

It looks like the same drug.  It tastes like the same drug.  How do I know if it is the same drug? As someone who does not have a strong opinion either way about the safety of drug importation, I … Continue reading

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Interagency Approach to Public Health

This is a little off beat, but what the heck – it is nearing the end of summer and news is slow.  In reviewing the news, one sees that another study has demonstrated that Americans are fat.  With as much … Continue reading

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Are FDA Advisory Committees a Rubber Stamp?

The drug approval process has long relied on advisory committees to provide input to the FDA regarding a candidate drug.  For a long time, this process was somewhat mysterious.  Over time, it has evolved to a highly transparent level.  Meetings … Continue reading

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Healthcare Communications and the Next Ten Years – Part 1 – RX to OTC Switches

Just as I offer Fridays as an opportunity to look back and digest what has happened during the week, I’ve decided to launch a new series, though abbreviated, that will be posted on Mondays.  Entitled "Healthcare Communications and the Next … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 8-25-06

Well partners, I’ve been rushing all morning trying to get out today’s Weekly Roundup and it has just been one of those days.  Here I’ve been talking about how slow Washington is, but it seems like things in my office … Continue reading

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