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New Drug Approval Rate – Not What it Used to Be

In news that doesn’t surprise most of us who have been watching FDA approvals, it would appear that someone has gone and counted up the approval rate and the rate of approvals for new drugs has, in fact, gone down.  … Continue reading

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The FDA Bonus Issue – von Eshenbach’s Side

On August 2, the Washington Post carried an article about the FDA retention bonus program – "FDA’s Retention Bonuses Rise to the Top; Critics Say Money Goes to Managers, Not Scientists Coveted by Drug Firms" which was highly critical on … Continue reading

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Corporate Use of Blogging – Johnson & Johnson and the Lawsuit

As noted here previously, the Johnson and Johnson blog launched by the company – JNJ BTW – is an unusual and bold experiment in new media and pharma. Since its launch, the blog has covered a range of topics, trying … Continue reading

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Does Silence Serve a Purpose?

Dr. von Eschenbach has been in charge of the FDA since late last year when he was confirmed.  This year – 2007 – he has given but one speech on the FDA called the State of the FDA Address.  In … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 8/10/07

Well, this has been a scorcher.  Heat was unrelenting.  And the week was hot here inside the Beltway as well as around most places in the country.  Where it wasn’t hot, it rained torrents.  Even the stock market had a … Continue reading

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