J&J Starts a Blog!

J0410084Wow!  Johnson & Johnson has demonstrated some very forward thinking as well as guts in launching a new corporate blog called JNJ BTW.   Check it out!

Here is what the author says in starting the blog:

"By The Way… Everyone else is talking about our company, so why can’t we? There are more than 120,000 people who work for Johnson & Johnson and its operating companies. I’m one of them, and through JNJ BTW, I will try to find a voice that often gets lost in formal communications. Like any conversation, there are certain ground rules that will be followed on JNJ BTW and you should read our comments policy to be familiar with what we will do here."
In my mind, this is about something more than blogging – it is a corporate statement and a demonstration of how innovative a company’s culture may be.  It says – we are willing to take chances and we are willing to push the envelope and experiment. 
So far postings have covered topics such as Companies and Cancer, Legal Conversations, Future Pharma, AWP Decision and Funding Innovation, to name a few. 
The author states in his first posting:
"I’ve been reading blogs for only a few months now, but already it’s clear to me how important it is not just to watch, but to join in productively. Doing that will take some unlearning of old habits and traditional approaches to communicating — and I will have to find my own voice.

On JNJ BTW, there will be talk about Johnson & Johnson — what we are doing, how we are doing it and why. There will be comment on the news about our company and the industry — occasionally correcting any mistakes (not that that ever happens!) or simply providing more context. I hope and expect that some of my colleagues will eventually join me on this blog."  (Emphasis my own)

There are things I would recommend for the blog, including a pic of the author and a longer blog roll, but the blog identity takes time to develop.  Meanwhile, my hat (and I did wear an Italian little straw number to work today), is off to you Johnson & Johnson!

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